Final Mile Services, LLC Dedicated Fleet solution treats your business as our own. Our Dedicated Fleet solutions achieve many of our customer's goals to enhance and improve their transportation network

1. Ideal Blend of Service, Cost, and Capacity

Tractors and trailers that are custom specified to our customer's need; the equipment is 100% dedicated to our customer's account, and not shared with other customers

2. Increase Efficiency and Improve Utilization

Non-core Distraction for Management: 
Management attention may be diverted from important strategic matters while managing issues related to fleet management. Administrative staff and costs often expand to keep pace with requirements for driver recruiting and retention, safety training, hazardous materials processing and reporting, hours of service compliance, permits and licensing, provincial and federal ministry of transportation reporting, accident investigations, insurance, claims for for-hire services, payroll and benefits, and supervision. 

3. Reduce Risk and Liability 

Many companies underestimate the enormous exposure that is part of running a fleet of trucks on busy highways and through city streets. While insurance can mitigate this risk, firms typically lack the buying power to purchase economical premiums, resulting in high fees and deductibles. Firms must also pay for legal fees when defending against legal actions or appeals. Fleets with high accident rates or safety infractions will experience another disadvantage: provincial inspection stations will require vehicles from fleets with unsafe records to stop more frequently for inspections. These stops extend transit times, increase variability, and reduce driver and equipment utilization. 

4. Access to a Larger Fleet and Driver Base

Labor Management:
Our Dedicated Fleet solution will manage all aspects of your trucking operations.

  • Recruiting, screening, road-testing, hiring, training, and on-going management of drivers;
  • Wages, benefits, and payroll administration;
  • Monitoring of hours of service and applicable Driver Qualification Files who are trained and dedicated solely to our customer's account;
  • On-going safety training and compliance
  • Worker compensation insurance claims; 
  • Back-to-work programs, discipline, and termination

5. Balance Our Customer's Transportation Network

Additional "on-demand" equipment to cover volume surges during seasonal peaks

6. Limit Cash Outlay of Purchasing or Leasing Equipment

Fleet equipment and facilities require a significant investment of capital. Since capital is generally a scarce commodity for most companies, it should be invested where the firm can create the highest return for investors. Management must carefully assess whether the private fleet provides sufficient savings to warrant the investment. Financial measures such as return on assets or economic value added (EVA) tend to make private fleets unattractive unless capacity is fully utilized and substantial savings are obtained