Private Fleet Conversions


Is A Dedicated Fleet A Better Option? How Can You Find Out?

We help our customers answer critical questions and determine the best solution that meets their criteria by:

1. Project Objectives

Document the objectives of converting the “private fleet” to an “outsourced” dedicated solution. What are the key drivers that are causing you to consider fleet outsourcing? Which factors are more important than others?

Dedicated fleet team meeting

2. Assess Current Proficiency With Fleet Management

In important areas of professional fleet management, you should assess your organization’s current levels of proficiency. This will help you to focus on where you want to gain improvements, and which areas are the most important to your company.

3. Total Cost of Ownership

We help our clients benchmark their current transportation costs and determine the total cost of ownership to include “hard” and “soft” costs.

4.  Benchmark Private Fleet Versus Fleet Outsourcing

Now that you have a better understanding of your corporate objectives, current proficiency with fleet management, and your total cost of ownership, the next step is to benchmark this against a fleet outsourcing model with Final Mile Services, LLC.