Fleet Augmentation


How Can We Help You Determine the Best Course of Action?

The Pickard

Fleet Augmentation - Power Only

When growing freight demands exceed your private fleet’s capacity, creative solutions are needed. Our “Power Only” solution allows you to augment your existing operations without significant disruptions, by pairing your company owned trailers with the power capacity you require while utilizing your own trailers. One-way and round-trip options provide our customers with greater productivity and efficiency.

Fleet Augmentation - Capacity Multiplier

We have the capability to incorporate contracted truck capacity into our network and dedicated projects utilizing our trailers. This benefits our customers by allowing for far more flexibility than our power-only solution. Our “Capacity Multiplier” solutions give our customers drop-and-hook and shared trailer pool capability and capacity.

The Pickard2Last, But Not Least

Our customers enjoy the added value that consistent professional drivers bring in the form of increased service levels and stable, long-term relationships. Through collaboration, communication and customer support our existing fleet augmentation solutions are effective solutions that increase the capacity of your fleet.